some of my diy projects

two axis shift adapter for hasselblad lenses to canon eos mount
useful for stitching undistorted high res images with fixed nodal point and focal plane
shifts 25mm vertically and 30mm horizontally in both directions
shown here with carl zeiss 40mm distagon f/4 C and homemade lens hood
(the geared tripod head is not part of the design)

electronic canon eos retro adapter
for retro mounting canon ef lenses with full control over aperture and af (although i don't use af for macro)

frankenstein macro flash mod
the flash is an old metz 30bct4
the flash head was removed from the main unit to get closer to the target and outfitted with a cardboard softbox
later i installed a din socket where the head cable leaves the main unit to use it with either the head you see here or a lens mounted ringflash head
the photo resistor for the auto function was replaced with a volume pot from a scrapped walkman for manual output control
battery adapter for 6V sla battery

macro flash tube prototype
my earliest method of macro lighting
cardboard mirrored inside with thermal blanket, adjustable in two axis
the later versions had integrated wider softboxes at the front and output control by a piece of cardboard shoved into the light channel from the side